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Combining Naturopathic and Chiropractic care for your Optimal Health

Dr. Matthew Tellez N.D., D.C.

Dr. Matthew Tellez N.D, D.C

Naturopathic Doctor

Doctor of Chiropractic

Applied Kinesiologist

Intuitive Healer

Call (360)-676-1961

Are you healthy?

Standard medical tests are designed to identify disease. Unfortunately, many diseases have to be in an advanced state before they are detectable. According to Cancer expert Dr. Vincent Castronova, MD, PhD, "cancerous tumors must be 1 billion cells before they are detectable." Sadly, most of us are aware of someone who receives a clean bill of health from their medical doctor, only to be informed months later that they are dying of cancer, autoimmune disease, serious neurological disease, or a host of other conditions.

At Baker Center for Optimal Health Dr. Tellez can assist in assessing your various health conditions by focusing on subclinical imbalances, which is the foundation for a healthy body. Once he has identified those unique health challenges, he recommends implementing a customized program geared specifically to your health and wellness.

Matthew Tellez, D.C., N.D. views the body as a whole, focusing on you as a person rather than your symptom(s), which are commonly only "the tip of the iceberg" when it comes to your health. Symptom-focused treatment rarely provides optimal health. Treating the body as a whole often provides not only maximum relief, but true healing as well.


What kind of Treatment will I receive?

Treatments may involve gentle adjustments, trigger-point and/or myofascial release, cranial techniques, meridian balancing, clinical nutrition, vitamin and mineral therapy, diet management, counseling skills, mental stress relief, energy clearing relief, allergy elimination, detoxification, various reflex procedures as well as Dr. Tellez' intuitional insights.  The objective is to have a balanced triad of health.

What is the Triad of Health?

Dr. Tellez believes true health is a balance of physical, biochemical, mental/emotional, as well as spiritual aspects. The triad of health. That is, biochemical (nutritional deficiencies, poison toxicity), mental/emotional (stress), and structural (muscles, bones, posture) must all be in balance, along with the spiritual component.  

The triad of health—your health—is interactive, and all sides must function well for optimal health. Imbalance on one side of the triad can affect the other sides. For example, a chemical imbalance can cause mental or structural symptoms, such as depression, pain, or fatigue. Simply altering the chemical imbalance can alleviate the depression, pain, or fatigue. Dr. Tellez uses Applied Kinesiology to evaluate the Triad of Health.


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