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Dr. Matt Tellez with a patient


Matt thinks outside the box when the answer cannot be found inside it. : )

T. B.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

I am so grateful for you being YOU! You are intelligent, well-versed in your field of expertise (naturopathy/kinesiology) and have such a charming personality! It's a little weird at first, the way you test people for allergies/sensitivities, but you do know what you're talking about, and the best thing is: IT WORKS! I really appreciate that you get to the ROOT of the problem, though, and not just give me a Rx for some pills or put a "Band-Aid" on it and send me on my way! Blessings,

R. G.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

I want to thank you for being such an amazing medical intuitive. My entire life and energy have shifted since seeing you and getting the validation I needed to take care of myself.  It's amazing what food and intention will do for you! I have been looking for a care provider here for many years and have not found one aligned with my philosophy around well-being... so I am so grateful for finding you!

M. B.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Dr. Matt is the "go to" sports medicine doctor!  While a high school senior I badly tore my hamstring just days before the State track meet.  I could barely walk and running was not going to happen. Dr.  Matt fixed me up and I was able to not only compete, but took third place in the triple jump, and medaled in 2 other events. This placement also generated college scholarships. Thanks Dr.  Matt! This would not have been possible without you.

R. M.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~ 

Before seeing Dr. Matt Tellez, I could not wring out a washcloth due to pain and lack of a good grip. In order to get water out of a washcloth, I had to push the water out between the palms of my hands.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Tellez, I have improved so much that I can now wring out a washcloth without any pain. I also have a much better grip which allows me to perform other tasks such as writing, cutting items for cooking and knitting.

I am so grateful to Dr. Tellez for helping me to enjoy so many activities again.


~~~   ~~~   ~~~ 

This is Just a note to thank you for the knowledge and quality that goes into the orthotics that you supply. I've had your orthotics for several months now. I've discovered that I feel like my feet are lighter, more balanced and that I want to move. In almost all of my 72 years I've never wanted to move, run even walk, as I always wound up experiencing pain, in my feet, knees, lower back or elsewhere. Over time I've been able to work thru and correct many of my imbalances. And to strengthen many of my weaknesses. Now during the last several months I feel more willing to exercise and to move. I believe the care and quality that you've placed into my shoes thru your orthotics has helped me transition into wanting to move. Even now, I've been thinking about learning to run. Something I wouldn't have even considered before.

Thank you,

B. G.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

When my son turned 5, he began having sudden unexplained anxiety, and fear of being left alone, especially by me, his mom.  He would cry and become super clingy anytime he could not be with me or near me.  Even his father's presence would not appease him.  It became so bad it wore on my health.  I became negative and angry that I had no freedom.  I took my son to see Dr. Tellez because I heard that he works with food allergies and I thought maybe something my son was eating was bothering him.  Dr. Tellez asked questions, did some body testing muscle stuff, then he "tuned in" to my sons energy body, as he explained it.  He then asked me if I had considered having an abortion when I learned I was pregnant with my son.  I told him I had.  Dr. Matt said my son was having an unconscious memory reaction to this decision I almost made, and that he was now re-living it for whatever reason, even though my son did not know it.  He instructed me to do a simple meditation where I explained to my son why I had wanted an abortion, and that it would never happen again, and how much I loved him.  I have never done meditation, but I did what Dr. Matt told me to do. After the first time trying it, my son was different!  After 5 days the problem was gone!  Thank you Dr. Matt!  I don't understand it but I am forever grateful!

J. W.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~ 

First, I would like to make known that I would send any soul to Dr. Tellez. In fact, I've already recommended several people to him, all of which have thanked me profusely. When I discovered Dr. Matt I was struggling both emotionally and physically. Several months earlier my mother of 49 had been diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized breast cancer. The emotional stress this was causing me was intense, also resulting in severe physical debilitation. I spent many hours lying on the floor in the only position that gave me relief. Before long I was unable to function properly, or anything close to it.

It was only through my discovery of Dr. Matt that I was able to not only overcome my situation, but conquer it and rise above it in ways I never imagined. His intuitive way of communicating provided insight I desperately needed in my hour of struggle. His unique blend of knowledge allowed him to attack my problems through chiropractic adjustments, kinesiology and ****. In the end, I was triumphant. And Dr. Tellez didn't just fix the problem, he gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to continue fighting if more problems were to arise. I now lead a successful, happy life of fulfillment, and I'm much better prepared for both emotional and physical difficulty than I ever thought possible.

Dr. Matt is my friend and my advocate. And like I said in the beginning, there isn't a soul I wouldn't send his way if they were in need of help.

A. S. 

 ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

My husband I were just talking, and he said, "I really like Dr. Matt. He gave me some really good advice about drinking the soda water for my reflux. I have less heartburn now than I did when I went to him about it, and I feel so much better!" It's true! He's not as tired all the time, like he used to be, nor is he all achy like he was when he was on the acid blockers.

R. G.

 ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

I had just had my MRI and was diagnosed with a torn meniscus.  I didn't want to have surgery, but my knee pain was getting so bad I could barely walk and I had a very physically demanding job. I needed to do something in order keep working so we could manage the bills.   Dr. Matt talked to me at the jobsite where I was at and explained who he was and what he did.  I remember him saying I would like to talk you out of having the surgery because of the importance of the meniscus to my knee down the road.  I listened.  When I went to see him he asked me a lot of questions that my other doctors never did. He also tested my body in ways no one else did either. Then told me my knee pain was related to stress and diet. I thought I ate a good diet, but he really changed it, he took me off several foods (he said I was allergic to them). He proved to me that I was allergic by the way he tested my strength after the smallest sample of the food. Long story short I never went in for surgery.  I was able to work through some very difficult work with my knee showing progress the whole time. Eventually the pain was completely gone and the strength was back fully.  This was remarkable considering the work I was able to accomplish without having to take any time off!! His methods were much different but has made myself and my family complete believers and continue to use his methods. I also consider him to be a good friend and awesome guy!

Thanks so much,


 ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

My experience with Dr. Matt as a patient has not only been positive but in a personal sense life renewing. His intuitive approach to chiropractic healing has allowed me to avoid medical/surgical intervention. My quest to complete a half marathon is definitely a reality.

More importantly in my life is that his guidance and naturopathic advice as well as his meditation class have brought me to a great sense of peace and self-realization.


~~~   ~~~   ~~~

I’ve been going to a chiropractor for 6 hears getting the same routine adjustments to just get by ‘til the next adjustment every 4-6 weeks. Now ‘no dairy’ plus natural remedies, I haven’t felt like I needed an adjustment in 2+ months. Headaches don’t come around every 4-5 weeks when it was “time” to get my neck adjusted. I feel like 99% of my inflammation has gone away. Dr. Matt figured that out on the 1st visit. I had no clue. No one has ever figured that out.



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