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Dr. Matt Tellez, D.C., N.D.

Dr. Matthew Tellez, D.C., N.D.


Matthew Tellez, D.C., N.D. is a Chiropractor, Naturopath and Kinesiologist.  He has dedicated his life to studying and learning all 

that he can about the human form, how it functions, how it undergoes dysfunction, and how to bring it back to balance and therefore optimal health.  His studies cover subjects ranging the entire spectrum of health, including physiology, neurology,

psychoneuroimmunology, biomechanical dynamics, the energy body, including the meridian system and chakras, the emotional body, diet, exercise, toxins,…and the list continues.

Dr. Tellez believes the body is a living miracle with supreme sophistication that even the most educated medical mind will never fully understand or comprehend.  One of his favorite sayings comes from his late teacher, Dr. George Goodheart; "the body is simply intricate and intricately simple."  Dr. Tellez believes the body has all the tools necessary, an innate intelligence that just knows how to right its own health.  Sometimes, however, for a myriad of reasons, that innate intelligence becomes impeded and cannot do its job.  It is the physician's job to determine what and where that impedance is coming from so it may be removed and the body allowed to restore its perfect health.

While Dr. Tellez is very serious about what he does, his approach to wellness is both compassionate, caring and positive.  He spends plenty of time with clients, first understanding their history before embarking on a treatment plan.  He feels the answers are often in the story, and the unfortunate side of medicine is that most doctors do not have time to listen and find the answers within the story.


When not seeing clients, Dr. Tellez enjoys learning.  He is always reading another book, learning another technique, or another tidbit about the body and its workings.  He enjoys regular exercise, but getting outside and hiking the beautiful northwest wilderness tops his list of most enjoyable ways to keep in shape.  He also spends time meditating, as he has found this to be a phenomenal way to not only access the subtle, but also to relieve stress and refresh the body.

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